Somizi transforms his room into a Club, puts disco lights and brew counter – Video

Somizi Mohlongo-Motaung obviously experienced difficulty investing energy alone on Friday, 8 May 2020. The Charm Shem character that was obviously without his significant other, Mohale, subbed his nonappearance with web-based media. 

Somizi previously shared what he was having for supper and in obvious Somizi style, he had a meat platter loaded up with "tra-la-las." 

After supper, the famous Icons South Africa judge wanted to have a grown-up Instagram Live meeting with his 3 million adherents. 

What was on the table to be talked about during the meeting? All things considered, "s.e.xuality, intim_acy, science, connections rules and regulations… " 

Essentially every one of the reasons that perhaps are the explanation that the truth star is as of now wedded and apparently upbeat in his relationship. 

The last post was Somizi welcoming his adherents to Club Duvet and Cushion. In the event that you have never known about the club, that is OK. You most likely have been, yet never really realized that that is the thing that the club is called.

While battling to rest in the early hours of the morning, Somizi uncovered being sleeping and watching the Lockdown Local Gathering with a beverage sitting on his headboard. 

Somizi called this new ordinary of celebrating inside his "clubbing" and the room was transformed into Club Duvet and Cushion. Watch: 

Source: Zalebs


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